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Exhibit Opportunity

Stronger Together by Staying Apart

The NPA will not be holding our in-person annual conference at the Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga Springs, NY this fall. So, we have come up with an alternative way to have our exhibitors share their information with our members.

The NPA will create an exhibitor webpage on our site that will be available for all members to view from October 1 to December 31, 2020. We will promote this webpage through our monthly e-newsletter, in our online fall/winter JNPA issue, as well as a targeted email blast in early October.

Click here to download exhibitor form to process payment.

Exhibit Fee:

  • $500 - Corporate
  • $150 - Not for Profit (Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Government Agencies)
  • $50 - Sole proprietors (jewelry, handmade products, etc.)

Here is the information that we would like to include on the webpage:

  • Company logo (sole proprietors may not have a logo)

  • Link to website (sole proprietors may not have a website)

  • Contact information

Corporate and Not-for-Profit - Since this is statewide it is recommended that you have the company, college, university, hospital, etc., contact information rather than the individual representative’s information as you may receive calls from healthcare providers from all over the state.

Sole proprietor - you will want to include your contact information (email and/or phone number).

  • A list of therapeutic focus or disease areas for pharmaceutical companies
  • Description

Corporate - describe the company

Not-for-Profit - describe your services

Sole Proprietor - describe your products

  • Video – optional

Corporate - If the company has an approved 2- or 3-minute educational video that they would like to share with healthcare providers, please include a link.

Not-for-Profit - If your college, university, hospital, etc., has a short video about your services, please include link.

Sole Proprietor - If you have a short video about your product, please include link.

Deadline for submission of all information is September 15.

Acceptance of Exhibitor, Right of Refusal:

The NPA reserves the right to deny an exhibitor request for any reason. The NPA reserves the right to remove exhibitor information from the webpage if the NPA discovers information, which demonstrates that the proposed company would be inconsistent with the principles espoused by the NPA, unfavorable to the public reputation of the NPA, or not beneficial to its members. In this event, the NPA shall refund any exhibit fees paid to the NPA. The parties agree that Exhibitor will not be refunded any additional expenses related to Exhibitor’s information supplied to be posted on the NPA website.

Please contact me if you have any questions and would like to discuss in more detail or to process exhibit fee payment. I can be reached at shubbard@TheNPA.org or my cellphone 518-560-0373.

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