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Poster Abstract Submission

The NPA Board of Directors met on June 7 and after an informative discussion it was decided that The NPA's 36th Annual Conference scheduled to be held in October, in Saratoga Springs, NY, would need to be cancelled. While we are disappointed that the conference needed to be cancelled, as health care providers we want to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees, exhibitors, staff, hotel personnel, etc.

Poster submissions will be accepted until September 6, 2020. No poster submissions will be accepted after that date.

Poster Abstracts can be submitted for:

  • Completed research or research in progress
  • Methodological papers, or theoretical perspectives for research design
  • Administration, education, informatics, ethics, basic science, or clinical research
  • Evidence-based practices and best practices

Who should submit:

  • Students of NP, PhD and DNP programs – students may want to work with their faculty advisors in preparing the poster
  • Practicing nurse practitioners

Individuals may submit up to 2 abstracts.


Requirement: The primary author for the poster abstract submission must be a current member of The NPA.


Submission of Poster Abstract: Poster abstracts must be submitted using the online form. Mail or fax abstracts will not be accepted.  


Committee Review and Notification: Each poster abstract submission will be reviewed by the Conference Committee. The primary contact person will be notified by email of the committee’s decision. For posters submissions that are approved we will be asking that the author submit the poster as a pdf and record a 2 minute presentation about their poster. A webpage will be set up for all members to view.

For additional information or questions:

Please contact Sue Hubbard at shubbard@TheNPA.org.

Poster Submission Guidelines: This information will need to be completed on the form below.

  • Author name and contact information as well as any additional authors (if applicable)
  • Title of Poster
  • Two to three learner objectives (i.e. measurable outcomes that complete the sentence, “The learner will be able to…” each limited to 25 words or less).
  • All proposals must include the following information:
    • The purpose or rationale
    • The background and significance
    • Methods and data
    • Major outcomes
    • Conclusions and implications

3500 of 3500 characters remaining
Objectives must be measurable, participant directed, describe anticipated change in knowledge, skills and attitude. Objectives must be measurable outcomes that compete the sentence, "The learner will be able to...."

5000 of 5000 characters remaining
5000 of 5000 characters remaining
5000 of 5000 characters remaining
5000 of 5000 characters remaining
5000 of 5000 characters remaining
5000 of 5000 characters remaining

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