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Board Approved Candidates 2017

On June 9, 2017 The NPA Board of Directors was presented a list of qualified nominees interested in running for office for The NPA BOD by the nominating committee. The list of nominees was approved and we are pleased to announce the candidates that are running for office. The newly elected directors will assume their positions on January 1, 2018.


Per NPA bylaws Article V, Section 4 - In the event of an uncontested election, a slate of directors shall be presented at the annual meeting of the membership of the corporation for a vote for election with no nominations to be accepted from the floor. The NPA annual meeting of the membership will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2017 beginning at 8:00 am, at the Saratoga Hilton, in Saratoga Springs, NY.


Below is the list of candidates and their position statements.



Candidate for President Elect

Michelle Appelbaum, PhD, FNP-BC, PPCNP-C, PMHS
Home: Bullville, NY
Work: New Windsor, NY
Region 5


Position Statement


I am applying for the position of PRESIDENT-ELECT of the Board of the NPA as I seek to participate in an executive post of the most important organization for New York State NPs. I seek to add my energy to the Board as it advocates for NPs to work independently to the full extent of their profession while earning compensation on parity with other health professionals, and, more broadly, as it crafts health policy.


My qualifications support my application. First, I have been a Nurse Practitioner for over 25 years and member of the NPA since the late 1980s. I am a life-long resident of New York, living, studying and working in rural, suburban, and urban areas.


Second, I have executive experience on the local level as president of the Greater Newburgh Chapter since 2011. I am very proud of the fact that our meetings have excellent attendance. I have written about our membership in the NPA Journal on a quarterly basis.


I am most proud of the fact that I was voted NPA Nurse Practitioner of the Year for 2013.


Third, I have experience on the State level as I have been SECRETARY of the NPA Board of Directors since 2015.  I have been a resource for practicing and student NPs regarding NP concerns. I am on the NPA Opioid Task Force 2016-2017.


Last, I study, write about, and lecture to professionals and laypeople on clinical topics. In this regard, my interest in health policy has been enriched through travel to developing countries.


I would use my executive position to advocate for the Modernization Act and insurance reimbursement for NPs. I would support the practice expansion of NPs to pronounce patients, allow NPs to admit to in-patient psychiatric facilities and clear patients with concussions to return to normal activities.


I can also fulfill my goal of increasing public awareness and visibility of NPs in the media. Similarly, I am an advocate for NP license plates.


In the area of education, I would like to formulate a program to assist chapters in obtaining CEUs by designing a template for mandatory content and establishing a central clearinghouse for CEU-accredited speakers.


I certainly appreciate and will work to fulfill the opportunity that the position of PRESIDENT-ELECT affords to strengthen the profession, to expand the organization, and to promote the public embracing the profession of nurse practitioner.


Candidate for Treasurer

  Audrieanna Raciti, FNP

  Home: Utica, NY

  Work: Utica, NY

  Region 3


Position Statement


My name is Audrieanna Raciti, and I would proudly serve as Treasurer for the NPA of NYS. For the last few years, it seemed likely that our group was soon going to dissolve due to low participation turn-out of meetings over the last few years and less than optimal group support on all other aspects of our Mohawk Valley. There were disappointments voiced about what we do as a region, benefits of being in the group, and making ourselves known in the community. With group leadership coming and going, it was personally hurtful to see that this may be the last of our great benefits for this area that we were so fortunate to have through the Nurse Practitioner Association. I decided that I wanted to work with the group to help turn things around for the better. Over the past several years have listened to a lot of these suggestions, their voices have helped us become what we are today!


Working through the Mohawk Valley Group of Region 3, I have been in charge of holding our local meetings. We have had an excellent turnout over the past year, previously serving meetings in prior leadership with this region with only 4-5 attendees, now proudly influencing the better part of member turn out in the 30s. We have invited many influential MDs and speakers with excellent topics at our last several dinner meetings. To spread awareness about nurse practitioners, we have set up a Newstalk about Capital Day, to occur on April 25 following the local conference. I actively enforce leadership and membership participation and recruitment both at work and on my days off, I am very passionate about being part of the NPA team, even on a minor level, although I do think I would have much more influence on a more state-wide level.


My encouraging and ambitious personality will help others jump on board, even if it’s just a few nurse practitioners at a time, to become as enthusiastic about our group as I am. Major issues include DNR orders for Nurse Practitioners, the Modernization Act, among many others. We are strength in numbers, so I actively encourage recruitment myself to other non-members, and encourage others to do the same. I would like to bring my ambition and enthusiasm on a more statewide level. I want to help our group be more publicized, which I think it still has a lot more work to do in regards to being recognized in the mass media, and I promise to do just that. I would also like to influence others in any way possible on benefits of joining our group, and as we all know, there are many.


I am organized and meticulous and willing to work hard to accomplish what needs to be done. I am currently obtaining my PhD in Nursing at Buffalo, and strongly regard education as pivotal in leadership. Please consider me for this position for the NPA, I promise not to disappoint!


Candidate for Regional Director Region 1

   Jill Muntz, MSN, FNP-C
   Home: Jamestown, NY
   Work: Jamestown, NY
   Region 1

Position Statement

Prior to volunteering for the role of Region 1 Director in 2015, I served as secretary for the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Chapter of the NPA NYS.  As Regional Director, I have attended state Board of Director meetings, the Leadership Conference, the Annual Education Conference, and Capital Day.  I am also a member of the AANP.


As secretary of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Chapter, I was involved in the development of the annual budget, recorded minutes for the Chapter Board of Director meetings as well as General membership/Educational meetings, and communicated changes related to Regionalization in the President’s absence.


As Region 1 Director, I have successfully facilitated incorporation of the region, signing of the Affiliation Agreement, development of Regional By-Laws, transfer of funds to a regional bank account, purchase of Liability Insurance for the Region, and have assisted in the planning of our first Region 1 Educational Conference planned for May 6.  Region 1 maintains a group membership with the AANP and I am working on the application for approval of CEU credits.


As Regional Director, there are issues I would like to see addressed.  Although we have made positive changes with the passage of the Modernization Act, there are several areas of the state in which there remain barriers to private practice.  If we do not address these issues soon, our members will continue to suffer professionally and economically.  Addressing these issues would show the members, especially in our region, that we hear their voice and are determined to see change.


I wish to serve on the Regional Board in order to see my hard work on Regionalization continue to succeed.  I want to be involved in moving the profession forward.  I want to use the NPA as a platform for expanding my role as clinical expert, scholarly writer, and advocate for NPs.


I feel I am qualified to serve.  Having had a “trial run” has been helpful.  I know what is expected of me and am willing to rise to the challenge.  I believe I have the experience, clinical expertise, communication skills and leadership ability to play an active role on the board.


Candidate for Regional Director Region 5

   Marietta Api, ACNP-BC 

   Home: Yonkers, NY
Work: Bronx, NY

   Region 5




Position Statement

Region 5 is Alive and Growing!


I am honored by the trust The NPA and its members have placed in me, and it is a privilege to serve as the present Region 5 Director for 2017 during this transition year. I am also again serving on the Annual Conference Committee, planning our programs for Saratoga in October, 2017. I believe I have the necessary skills to lead Region 5 through this transitional year and into the future as Director for 2018-2021.


Previously I served as vice-president of the LHVNPA and after a leadership meeting, began to obtain the recommended fiscal and liability requirements for our chapter.  I obtained an EIN number, and Officers and Directors Liability Protection Insurance. I filed Federal Income Tax returns for 2014 and 2015. On a rotating basis with other officers, I coordinated programs and meetings for our chapter. Volunteering at our annual conferences helped me learn the various roles of the committee members, and directed my interactions with speakers, exhibitors, and members. I have been profiled in JNP journal, and recently submitted a Region 5 Director report for Spring 2017. As a Conference Committee member 2016 to the present, I have reviewed presenters’ qualifications, professional ideas and invited speakers to submit unique bodies of work for our committee to review for 2017 Conference.


Certain issues are important to our profession and our members.  Healthcare analysts project that millions of people who gained insurance under ACA will lose it under the GOP plan. Nurse Practitioners are in a perfect position to gain knowledge of the present law, influence our legislators to remove barriers to our practice, and influence future policies.  Increasing our membership by inviting colleagues to meetings, or to join you on Capital Day, joining in on Membership conference calls, and writing articles for newspapers will increase our public presence. Another vital issue is our obligation to act as mentors to our students, new members and future leaders.  There are guidelines for preceptors and mentors on THE NPA website to encourage sharing the camaraderie that exists when NPs join together for common cause.  Transparency is also an important issue to our profession. Again, there are guidelines on THE NPA website for publications, elections, role of leaders and responsibilities of members.


I would like to continue to serve as a member of The NPA Board of Directors, and I know I can continue to be a positive, action- oriented influence to Region and State BODs, and our individual members. The  NPA vision for the future will assure us of a viable, growing profession, and I wish to support and be part of that future on a state level.


I am uniquely qualified for the position of Region 5 Director as I am presently serving in that capacity.  I am also visible as a Conference Committee member, acting as mentor to multiple NPs as future leaders, and thoroughly enjoy serving THE NPA.  It has been a wonderful transition year toward Regionalization!


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