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DoctorsManagement Services
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The NPA has partnered with DoctorsManagement to provide NPA Members with a discounted rate for services. 

Not All Services Are The Same!

Think you know DoctorsManagement (DM)? You might, but we’re pretty sure you do not know everything that DoctorsManagement has to offer to health care providers in private practice, to hospital systems and to integrated delivery health systems. Sine 1956, we have been providing practice management guidance to medical practices nationwide. While we have been wildly successful with helping providers in small and mid-sized private practice reach their professional goals, increase their personal wealth and mitigate their risks, other departments within DoctorsManagement have served to healthcare organizations of all sizes, up to and including health systems with  2000 over more providers.    

Services Provided:

Practice Assessment

The first step in developing a successful practice is an in-depth assessment of the practice's current operations and the financial health. Our experienced consultants examine every aspect of the current operations, finances, patient volume, flow, and satisfaction as well as the management and placement of employees. Our clients receive a detailed report of the findings and a strategic plan designed to improve each area.   

Clients who follow the recommendations experience greater success in the form of increased profits and improved satisfaction from patients, providers and practice staff.  

Management Consulting

Success in medical practice management must be planned, implemented and managed to support your unique goals and to tackle those challenges specific to your practice.  

After a practice assessment, you have the option to engage DoctorsManagement to perform on-going management consulting. The relationship really begins here, with the implementation of the plan. Our team works to turn the plan into reality, helping clients with implementation of the plan. Our team works to turn the plan into reality, helping clients with implementation and measurable outcomes tracking to ensure that progress is being made. 

Feasibility Study

Are you considering opening a new location, creating a new ancillary service line or starting a new practice? Would you like to lower your risk of losing your shirt?  Our consulting team works with providers in any stage of practice development to help determine the feasibility of a new practice, location, service offering or any other type of expansion.  A feasibility study in the early stages of your endeavor gives you a greater understanding of the elements that are critical to your success. Are there enough patients?  Is this a potential location?  Is there competition?  How are they doing?  These and more are answered through a DM feasibility study, putting you in a more informed position to begin your new venture.

Practice Startup 

DoctorsManagement has helped hundreds of providers across the country start a medical practice. It's tempting to try and save a few dollars by arming yourself with a checklist and a do-it-yourself approach. Unfortunately, the savings on the initial costs often costs tens of thousands of dollars in revenue over the next few years. The crucial factor in a successful start-up is sequence. Knowing the order in which each task must be executed can help ensure patients show up on opening day, and help you reach profitability in the shortest time possible. 

Practice Sale and Transition

There are a number of occasions that require the formal valuation of your medical practice, such as sale of all or part of the practice, death, divorce, disability, etc. There are also occasions in which it can be advisable or desirable to know exactly what your practice is worth.  

Our valuation process is the same regardless of the triggering event. We look at the value of the practice from a number of perspectives and calculate the value in several ways, each of which follow widely accepted accounting standards. We use a blend of these methodologies to produce our final medical practice valuation. 

Power Buying Program

The Power Buying program is one of the most comprehensive discount purchase programs available to provider’s. Working with an extensive team of suppliers, DoctorsManagement can lower your operating cost on clinical supplies, office supplies, pharmaceutical purchases, and more - we can cover virtually every item for which you will regularly write a check.  

Regardless of your practice size or volume, the Power Buying team can help you save money in almost every area. Through our longstanding relationships with national suppliers and group purchasing organizations, we make it easy for you to increase your bottom line with reliable cost savings on medical, office and equipment supplies.  

Comprehensive Compliance Risk Anaylis (CCRA™)

Medical audits, both recovery and punitive purposes, have increased to such a degree that unaffected practices are extremely rate - the exception rather than the rule. When you consider the wide variety of federal audit programs, including CERT, HEAT, RAC, ZPIC, MIC, MAC, OIG, then add in private payer audits and recoupments, running a practice begins to feel more like walking through a war zone. 

Our Comprehensive Compliance Risk Analysis or CCRA program gives you an efficient and accurate measurment of potential risk at a provider level in five categories – those same ones auditors use to decide whether or not to audit your practice. The key to our analysis and what makes it so valuable is that all risk assessments are distilled to a single numerical value on a scale of 1 to 100. This makes it easy for you to quickly rank risk between categories - no degree in statistics required. 

The Coding Compliance Department

Our Compliance Coding Department performs more than 60,000 provider audits annually for some of the largest and most respected health systems in the country. We use baseline audits to produce corrective action plans that focus on providers with an error rate greater than 10%. Using this strategy, we have seen groups improve from error rates of more than 40% to just 12% in a single year. This demonstrates “good faith” to the government, especially if you have had compliance issues in the past or are currently under a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). This is the most cost effective way to ensure compliance in your practice. Often providers are so afraid of being audited that they intentionally down-code their services, believing that this will keep them off the radar.  This can't be farther further from the truth. On top of deliberately shorting yourself, your financial risk is elevated to levels most do not realize until it's too late. We can stabilize your RVUs, devise an effective auditing and monitoring plan and mitigate your risk!  

The Audit and Appeal Department 

We have a 98% success rate in either eliminate or significantly reducing our clients' liabilities with payers and governmental agencies. We represent more than 150 clients every year in various stages of the audit appeals process. Whether your overpayment demand comes from the Blues, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, Medicare or some other payer, we can help! Our fees are structured to allow for professional representation without negatively impacting your budget. Our attorneys, specialty specific auditors, and regulatory experts are without match. In 2014 we saved clients more than $10 million in refunds and in the past decade, we have saved clients more than $150 million. Why take chances with less experienced representation that may not be prepared for the roadblocks and unethical hurdles insurance companies throw at you?   

Customized Provider Training and Education

For more than 56 years, DoctorsManagement has worked hand-in-hand with medial groups of all sizes to ensure proper training and education reaches providers and staff. Our experienced educators hold certifications through AHIMA, AAPC, MGMA, HCCA, and PMI, just to name a few. We have served as educators for the Department of Justice, HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and other commercial payers. We have served as civilian educators and auditors for the Department of Defense in Europe as well as to some of the most prestigious medical school faculty practice in the U.S. Whether you are looking for training in CPT, ICD coding, documentation of Evaluation and Management Services, HIPAA, OSHA, CLIA or other compliance related topics, our faculty is engaging, relevant and timely with their content and approach. Our faculty has repeatedly garnered satisfaction ratings of 95% or higher from clients and conference attendees. Year after year, our faculty are asked to return and present again for medical specialty and management societies. Let us show you how easy it can be to create a customized education program for your group with our experienced faculty.  

Outsourced Coding Services

Regardless of your size or specialty, if you’re struggling to find and keep competent certified coders or if your coders just can't keep up with the claims volume, DoctorsManagement has an affordable service or you.  All of our internal coders are full-time employees of DoctorsManagement. We never outsource our coding, so all of our coders are based in the U.S. and English is their primary language. Our coders are stationed across various time zones to ensure availability to all clients regardless of location. All of our staff have a minimum of five years experience in their respective specialty, and all of their work - not merely a sample - is reviewed by a senior coding director. We verify every single code on the claim before it goes out the door to ensure completeness and accuracy. We follow the strictest guidelines when it comes to modifier application, bundling and unbundling of services and level selection of Evaluation and Management Services. Our pre-employment testing is the most stringent in the industry. Less than 10% of those who apply to DoctorsManagement are found to meet our standards and hired. If their testing leaves any doubt in our mind, we move on to the next candidate to ensure our clients only have the best coders working on their claims. 

Medical Necessity Reviews 

Often, clients will retain the services of DoctorsManagement to settle internal disagreements between auditors, coders and providers of medical care. DoctorsManagement employs clinical professionals in a variety of specialties (cardiology, ENT, internal medicine, emergency and trauma medicine, medical and surgical oncology, plastics, interventional medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics and pediatric surgery, etc.) to provide independent and unbiased reviews of provider documentation, ensuring that "medical necessity” is the overarching element used to select the appropriate level of service. Our clinical professionals are MDs, DOs, RNs, PAs and NPs, and many are still practicing. All of our clinical reviewers are certified through AHIMA or AAPC and have, at a minimum, CCS-P or CPC and CPMA credentials. This is a cost-effective way to ensure clean claims are submitted to avoid payer scrutiny. We also guarantee that if a payer ever disagrees with our assessment, we will handle the appeal on your behalf. at no cost to you. We assume this liability because this is how confident we are in our coders.  

Customize Compliance Program

If you are looking to implement a comprehensive compliance program, or just looking to bring your current compliance program into the 21st century, DoctorsManagement can help. Our team of regulatory and compliance executives have extensive knowledge in both state and federal guidelines and statutes to ensure your practice is covered. Depending on your organization size, compliance policies can be anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred pages long. The bottom line is that you can't afford to take chances or cut corners with compliance. Having an effective compliance program in place demonstrates a “good faith” effort to comply with state and federal guidelines that will help protect you from punitive action. Whether you are looking for OIG, HIPAA OSHA or CLIA, we have you covered. Don’t think a compliance plan in a box is the answer to all of your compliance woes. While generic compliance plans can be a starting point, they often incomplete and require extensive modification to effectively cover your specific organization. 

Reference and Educational Materials 

Whether you need coding books, webinars, plain-English how-to guides or software solutions, DoctorsManagement has the resources your group needs to ensure compliance and maximize revenue. DoctorsManagement has one of the most extensive libraries for coding, compliance and practice management resources. Click here to access the special NPA member discount code. Then you can simply go to http://shop.doctors-management.com/ add your products to the cart.  

Compliance and Auditing Certification 

Whether you’re looking to get certified as an auditor or a compliance professional, DoctorsManagement offers Auditing Boot Camps® to fit your needs and location, via our subsidiary, the National Alliance of Medical and Auditing Specialists (NAMAS). Whether you want to attend live trainings in a city near you or online during the evenings, you pick the solution that works best for you. Click here to access the special NPA member discount code. Then simply go to www.namas.com select your services, add to the shopping care.   

Discount Information

As a member of The Nurse Practitioner Association New York State, you receive special pricing on DoctorsManagement services. In most cases services are discounted 10% or more. Click here to access the special NPA member discount code.

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