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Legislative Agenda
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2020 New York State Legislative Priorities

  • Revisit the Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act (NPMA) to make permanent prior to sunset on 6/30/2021. 
  • Seek other areas of law to be inclusive of Nurse Practitioners
    • Authorize NPs to sign New York State Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork to issue temporary parking permit or license plates for persons with severe disabilities (*Note, NPs are already permitted to sign this paperwork for permanent disabilities).
    • Authorize NPs to evaluate and sign clearance authorization following a concussions/mild traumatic brain injuries
    • Other areas of the law: to be determined

Opposed Legislation: The NPA opposes the following bill(s): 

A. 1043 (Woerner): Automatically extends all students' compliance with health examination and immunization requirements in response to COVID-19. Read The NPAs Memo of Opposition

2019 New York State Legislative Priorities

Workers Compensation Legislation: To recognize nurse practitioners as providers in the New York State Workman's Compensation System

Clinical Preceptorship Tax Credit: Establishes a clinical preceptorship personal income tax credit for certain health care professionals who provide preceptor instruction to students

Vaccination Exemptions: An act to repeal subdivision 9 of section 2164 of the public health law, relating to exemption from vaccination due to religious beliefs. See The NPAs Memo of Support. This legislation was passed by both the Assembly & Senate and signed into law on June 13, 2019. It will go into effect on June 30, 2019. 

2018 New York State Legislative Priorities

DNR Clean-Up Bill (S. 7713 Hannon / A. 10345 Gottfried): Authorizes a patient's attending nurse practitioner to witness the patient's execution of a health care proxy. Memo of Support. This legislation was signed into law on 11/5/2018 as Chapter 342 and takes effect in 90 days. 

Workers Compensation Legislation: To recognize nurse practitioners as providers in the New York State Workman's Compensation System. Memo of Support

  •  S.1122 Valesky / A. 7301 Paulin: Relates to diagnosis, care and treatment of injured employees by certified nurse practitioners. The bill authorizes the diagnosis, care and treatment of injured employees by certified nurse practitioners under the workers' compensation program. The inclusion of certified nurse practitioners to conduct healthcare services consistent with their scope and training will afford injured workers greater access to care and more provider options across New York State. Click here to read The NPA's Memo of Support.
  •  S.6349 Alcantara: Relates to the workers' compensation board's authority to resolve medical bill disputes.
  • A. 8387 Pretlow: Relates to extending the authority of the board to resolve medical bill disputes.


Clinical Preceptorship Tax Credit (S.4611 Murphy/A. 6920 Gunther): Establishes a clinical preceptorship personal income tax credit for certain health care professionals who provide community-based instruction to students. Click here to read The NPA's Memo of Support.

Title VIII LLC Bill (S. 4125 LaValle / A. 1943 Peoples-Stokes): Authorizes certain licensed health service professionals to form limited liability companies.

New York State Regulatory Priorities

Many of the barriers facing nurse practitioners in New York State stem from regulations written in the infancy of the nurse practitioner profession. Therefore, certain forms and documents are not provider neutral. Fortunately, the fix for these is not one of new legislation, rather it is working with the various state departments (i.e. Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Mental Health, etc.) to update their forms. To this, The NPA is committed to the following areas to comprise the regulatory agenda:

  1. Congruency of Practice Authority: Nurse Practitioners will perform functions (and therefore "sign off" on forms) in conjunction with clinical services that is congruent with scope of practice.
  2. Mental Health: Updating Office of Mental Health forms to allow nurse practitioners to admit patients to Inpatient Mental Health Units on a voluntary basis (since no law specifically prohibits nurse practitioners from doing so).  

Additional Resources: Find Bill Numbers

Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act - Law effective January 1, 2015.

Read full description of the law and access the attestation form.

2019 - 2020 Federal Legislative Priorities  

National Nurse Act of 2019: designates the Chief Nurse Officer position of the U.S. Public Health Service as the "National Nurse for Public Health” to provide the country with a national advocate for nursing actions who champions public health. NPA Memo of Support

Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act: This bill allows Medicare payment for home health services ordered by a nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse specialist, a certified nurse-midwife, or a physician assistant. Currently, coverage is provided only for services ordered by a physician.

Improved Medicare Patient Access to Needed Diabetic Shoes: would authorize nurse practitioners (NPs) to certify their patient's need for therapeutic shoes.

ACO Assignment Improvement Act of 2019: would allow the assignment of nurse practitioner (NP) patients to Medicare Shared Savings Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

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