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Prescriptions & Record Keeping Course
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This New York State Education Department approved prescription and record keeping course is required for many New York certified nurse practitioners and licensed midwives who want to issue prescriptions in New York State. For the purposes of this course, a prescription is defined as an order from an authorized prescriber for a drug or medical device for a human patient, which is dispensed by a pharmacist to the patient or an intermediary. In New York State, the following licensed professionals are authorized to issue prescriptions: midwives, nurse practitioners, dentists, optometrists, physicians, podiatrists, and physician assistants ("authorized prescribers"). 

This course is designed to familiarize nurse practitioners and midwives with New York laws that govern prescribing and record keeping. It does not cover pharmacology or related clinical matters in any detail. It does not cover: (1) orders for hospital inpatients, or (2) Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) or similar orders, (3) orders for clinical laboratory services or imaging services; or (4) "medical marijuana."

This course is required for all nurse practitioners and midwives who have completed their education outside of New York State.  This course includes the NYS DOH I-STOP program and information on electronically transmitted prescriptions. The course ends with a 25 question post test in which a passing grade of 80% or higher is required. The cost of the course is $25.

If you are a current NPA member you will receive a 20% discount off the course. Click here to access the discount code. 

For nurse practitioners and midwives who have completed their education outside of New York State you need to take this course to receive licensure by the New York State Education Department Division of Licensing. For additional information on licensure in NYS click here. 

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