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Professional Liability Insurance
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Nurses Service Organization

In our efforts to provide our members with valuable products and services, The NPA has endorsed Nurses Service Organization (NSO) to offer liability insurance for our members. With the constant increase in litigation, it is becoming more and more important to take steps to protect yourself and secure your financial well-being. The NPA has elected to endorse NSO to offer our nurse practitioner professional liability insurance for several reasons.

• NSO is the leading provider of professional liability insurance for nursing professionals.

• NSO insures more than 500,000 nursing professionals – including more than 24,000 advanced practice nurses. They have a strong reputation in the professional liability insurance industry and their policy offers several features, such as license protection, personal injury protection, defendant expense benefit, and assault coverage.

• NSO has gained the confidence and support of over 30 national, state, and specialty nursing associations who endorse NSO exclusively.

• NSO also provides excellent service with a team of knowledgeable, licensed Customer Service Representatives dedicated to serving nursing professionals and trained specifically for the needs of advanced practice nurses in New York State.

Member Discounts

NSO acknowledges that higher premiums are difficult to manage especially in today’s economy but there are ways you can pay less. Consider the following discounts to save you money on your premium:

• New: NPA members are eligible to receive a 5% discount for being a member of The NPA – call NSO to obtain this discount at your next renewal (1-800-521-7013).

• NPA Conference Discount: Members who attend The NPA Annual Conference and 6 hours’ worth of CE credit are eligible for NSO’s Risk management discount of 10%.

• New: 3 Year New graduate discounts (60% first year / 40% second year / 20% third year)

• Retired / Leave of Absence discount of 50%

NSO also offers financing for nurse practitioner premiums. Please feel free to reach out to NSO to see if you qualify for a discount, or to discuss strategies for reducing or financing your premium. NSO also offers many free risk management resources for NPs, housed on their website, http://www.nso.com/risk-education/individuals/index

Risk Management

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